Summer In San Francisco

High-waisted pants and crop top combo.

Blue. The only thing you feel as you walk out towards the low and mysterious fog that casts its web over the bay…but maybe this isn’t a bad thing. Deep toned teal and navy go surprisingly well together, and you’re ready for any excuse to wear your stylish hat that you’ve been saving for fall.

Vintage hat, shades, and purse for summer.

The wind is particularly strong today, so make sure that hat doesn’t fly away. I know, it’s not that sunny, but throw on the shades anyway. The wind is powerful, but not enough to make YOU cry.

Strappy wedges for summertime.

Candid. You’re caught off guard in what looks like a modelesque pose, but rather you are trying to keep your hair calm by using your hands to remind it to ignore the humidity that this city never fails to bring. Oh right! That’s why you brought the hat in the first place…

Big Sunglasses to wear in the city.

It’s a good thing you remembered your purse, something that can hang below the waist, but also perfect to pull over your shoulder when treading through the wild city streets.

Strappy Wedge and retro hat.

A strappy wedge screams summer! You nailed it with the capris pants; the hint of ankle adds a feminine and strong touch to your look—showing everyone exactly what holds you up on those heels!

Large sunglasses for the summer.

Finally, a beam of sunlight! The sun hits your skin perfectly, which reminds me, good idea on the wide “U” cut shirt. It shows just the right amount of what you want the world to see.

Strappy summer shoe and vintage crop top.

Maybe the fog will clear up after all. You can’t seem to look away from that elegant bridge. Is it the way Big Red looks beneath the overcast sky? You think to yourself, I should probably touch up my lipstick.

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