Pool Day

What to bring to the pool.

On a day when the beach is just too crowded, make it a pool day, and ditch the make-up. Instead, use an organic sunscreen to protect you from both the harmful UV rays and unhealthy chemicals. I love bringing a chap stick since my lips love to succumb to the heat too.

Perfect hat and cover up for a pool day.

Don’t forget your shades! Anthropologie has a wonderful selection. Remember, they aren’t just for style, but to help make reading Cosmo and the new Jeanette Walls novel a little bit easier.

Shoes and summer reading ideas.

Light toned sandals, a baggu bag, and cute fedora help my bright bathing suit stand out. It was hard for me to find the perfect suit this year, but if you’re ever in Santa Cruz, Beach St. Boutique has an array of options and colors for everyone.

Bags to bring to the pool.

You might want to find a loose and lovely cover up with many colors so you can wear it with any suit, or even on a night out. The last thing to remember—water, and try adding a delicious cucumber or lemon for a nutritional twist.

What to pack for a pool day.

Ahh… All ready to go!

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