A Few of My Favs

Eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, applicant brush.

Looking for a simple and clean eye look that lasts? Try a light toned eye shadow; look beyond the brand name and focus your energy on the product itself. This color worked beautifully for me, and it happened to be mac. I love the double-sided applicator brush. This way you can add more in the creases with the thicker and more defined end, or have an overall swoop with the opposite. Pencil eye shadow is easiest for me. Keep it crisp during the day and choose to smudge the line with your finger for a night out. Finally, a waterproof mascara because you don’t know what the day will call for.

No make-up make-up ideas.

Ever feel foundationed out? A tinted moisturizer is a great sub. The SPF is a good plus to keep your porcelain skin protected. Cheek stain is a fun alternative to regular blush as well. Gives you a natural pigment without the hassle of using a brush, and it blends well with the moisturizer. I use a dot of high beam on my cheek-bones, between my nose and my lips, and sometimes near my tear duct. Helps me feel, and look awake.

Hair treatment ideas.

Organix, a great go to brand, healthy, and smells like a dream! Use them all together or one at a time. Sometimes I even use the Moroccan argan oil as a body moisturizer, and it does the trick. If you blow-dry your hair as much as I do, the anti breakage serum is a must have. Remember, a little goes a long way. I don’t always straighten my hair after a blow out, but if the events call for it, the smoothing treatment is a perfect way to tame the wave.

Beauty tips and tricks.

A great place to shop for products like these is at Sephora.

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