Hello 2018!

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2017 is finally over…thank Goodness. I’m beyond ready for a fresh start. 2018 marks the beginning of my adult life. I’m graduated from college and looking for the right career path—wish me luck! Most years I don’t make any legitimate resolutions, but this time I feel inclined to start. Join me in stepping into the New Year on the right foot, with realistic goals to work toward that will improve my quality of life in one way or another. Some are geared towards self-confidence; others focus on the big picture; and a few are small, personal goals I’m passionate about. I’ve come up with 10 resolutions that will make me very happy, even if just one of them comes true.

1.       Eat something green every day.

2.       Wear my natural hair at least every two weeks.

3.       Live in the moment.

4.       Travel somewhere new at every opportunity.

5.       Take better care of my skin.

6.       Finish a minimum of one new book each month.

7.       Cook a meal more than once a week.

8.       Work on my video editing skills.

9.       Find a job I (hopefully) enjoy.

10.   Workout twice a week.

I’m excited to check in this time next year and see what I’ve accomplished. Happy New Year!!!

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