Beauty Hacks

Finals Week calls for a few beauty hacks that will make your life a little bit easier, because let’s face it, we have more important things to be thinking about…right?

beauty hacks

 Coconut milk or coconut oil is a great alternative to almost any cream you ran out of! Not only is it great for your dry skin during the Winter months, but it’s also a delicious mask for your hair.

beauty hacks

Most of us are a little more pale this time of year, or maybe you accidentally bought the wrong foundation. Adding a little bit of moisturizer will lighten the foundation, better blending it in with your natural skin tone.

beauty hacks

Holiday parties usually run late into the evening, so that means we need to make sure we stay smelling good all night! By rubbing vaseline on your pulse points, or anywhere you like to spray your perfume, it will make it last.

beauty hacks

Want the matte lip, but don’t have time to go buy the matte stick? Before applying your color, dab on some concealer, or even a white eyeliner/eyeshadow.

beauty hacks

All out of dry shampoo? Grab the starch out of your laundry room, and spray away. Works just as well, if not better.

Now, time to get back to the books…

beauty hacks

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