Day Party

Most of us picture holiday parties happening at night. However, many parties do occur in the day time. But what is appropriate to wear during the day?! I mean, it’s so easy to OVER DO IT.

Here is what I advise:

Day Party

Holiday dresses can scream formal. Switching it up with a skirt and an eye catching top is a great alternative.

Day Party

Velvet is a perfect material for the season. All you have to do is commit to a color scheme, and the outfit will appear as just the right amount of fancy and understated. 

Day Party

Wear heels, but something a little more casual– open toes to show off your fun holiday nails will do the trick! Don’t hold back on your accessories. Classy jewelry will keep your look whole.

Day Party

If you’re every worried about what to do with your hair, just wear it down. It’s effortless, yet beautiful. Keep your make-up refined. A deep lip that matches the color scheme, and lots of mascara will be just enough.

On my sister: Urban Outfitters Top and Skirt

Steve Madden Heels

Sundance Jewelry

L’Oreal Blushing Berry Lips

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