The Unconventional School Girl

Remember this?

School Girl Spears

Since it’s Halloween, I’m going to talk about how you can turn a costume into an everyday outfit!

School girl Outfit

Featuring my little sis, it’s easy to see how a few changes can really change EVERYTHING.

School girl Outfit

An outfit needs to have dignity, which means, show some self worth and cover up (a little). You can still show off your legs, just don’t show off everything. Maintaining curiosity is all part of the school girl demeanor. Wear flats, not heals. Keep the pig tails…and you’re ready for class.

School girl Outfit

For Halloween, it’s ok to go ALL out on make-up. In fact, check out this tutorial by The Western Wild. I LOVE costume make-up. However, switching to everyday mode calls for keeping things clean and simple. Urban Decay Naked 2 is the best natural shadow.

School girl Outfit

Outfit: H&M Tank

Similar Skirt by Brandy

Cathy Jean Flats

Urban Necklace

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