Short Hair, DO Care

Long Bob

I recently got a haircut…hoping for the “long bob” style seen above…but unfortunately, it didn’t turn out quite the same…(pics soon to come). However, I would still love to share my styling techniques for the “long bob” hairstyle!

Redken texturizer

All you need are two products. To get the “textured” look, spray Redken Fabricate #03 all over your hair after blow drying. It’s heat activated, so try to spray while your hair is still hot. Then, run your fingers throughout–scrunching and munching until your desired look is achieved.

Redken rough paste

The last product you’ll need is Redken Rough Paste #12. Put a small amount onto the tips of your fingers, then rub through the ends of your hair. This works especially well if your hairstylist used thinning scissors on the ends of your hair to make it look and feel a little bit lighter.

You see? Short hair isn’t as hard to manage as it seems!

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