Fourth of July Tops

Fourth of july outfit, forever 21

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays–there is so much to celebrate. I usually spend Independence Day swimming in the lake and eating BBQ. My go-to patriotic look is something breathable, able to be worn over a bathing suit, and in the red, white, or blue color family. Thus, the tie front button-down.

The top in this pic is from a couple years ago, but here are some similar options:

independence day top

Free People 

tie up button down


white tank


Happy Fourth of July!

Easy Summer Buns for the Lazy Girl

Summer Hairstyle

Dealing with my hair in the summer is always difficult. During the rest of the year, I stick to my strict washing/blow drying schedule. But whenever I’m up at the lake, everything shifts. I’m in and out of the water constantly, and blow drying becomes less and less realistic. I’ve developed two go-to easy summer buns:

Summer Hairstyle

My first look is done with semi-wet hair. Out of the shower, I let my hair begin to air-dry while I put on make-up and get dressed. Then I use a round brush to blow dry just the front section of my hair. Styling the front pieces adds a little framework to the look and reduces the overall damage to the majority of your hair. After that, I part my hair and tie it up into a low twisted bun.

Summer Hairstyle

For my second look, I let my hair air-dry overnight naturally. Whenever I do this, I wake up the next day with a curly mess.

Summer Hairstyle

To tame my textured mane, I start by parting my hair farther left than I normally would. Then I create two messy French braids with the front sections of my hair. After that, I loosen up the braids even more, making them big and romantic. Finally, I pin up all of my hair (including the braids) into a low messy bun.

Summer Hairstyle

Both of these looks are incredibly romantic. And most importantly, they take less than two minutes to accomplish!

Summer Hairstyle

Though I prefer my hair blown out, these easy alternatives come in handy when you would rather spend your time enjoying the sunshine.

Lake, summer

Jeans and a T-shirt

Target t-shirt, Urban Jeans, Nordstrom Flats

I love being comfortable, but I also love being fashionable. The jeans and a t-shirt look, though very popular, used to bore me. I just thought it wasn’t stylish enough.

Target t-shirt, Urban Jeans, Nordstrom Flats

I started to brainstorm a few ways to elevate the casual look and came up with some ideas. First, opt for high-waisted jeans as opposed to low-rise. Then, try tucking in your t-shirt. You immediately begin to accentuate your figure, adding personality to the outfit.

Target t-shirt, Urban Jeans, Nordstrom Flats

Finally, ditch the sneakers and pick out a pair of feminine flats to balance the look. Before you know it, your outfit will be turning heads.

Target t-shirt, Urban Jeans, Nordstrom Flats

You can find my t-shirt and jeans here and here. My flats are sold out of blush, but here are a few similar options in the color:

nordstrom flats

Marc Fisher

nordstrom flats

Kristin Cavallari

nordstrom flats

Nine West


“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” —Miuccia Prada


I have always been self-conscious about my legs. It’s been hard for me to find a good pair of shorts that I feel confident in. Most denim shorts are too tight, too short, and fall too low on my waist. Luckily, I have found a few pairs of high-waisted cloth shorts to wear instead.

Abercrombie crop top, Abercrombie high-waisted striped shorts, Gap Strappy Sandals

They are looser, more comfortable, and more flattering.

Abercrombie crop top, Abercrombie high-waisted striped shorts, Gap Strappy Sandals

These alternatives are a lot easier to dress up too! Pair them with the right accessories, and before you know it they are ready for a night out on the town.

Abercrombie crop top, Abercrombie high-waisted striped shorts, Gap Strappy Sandals

The right pattern makes them the best accent piece to bring out on a hot day.

Abercrombie crop top, Abercrombie high-waisted striped shorts, Gap Strappy Sandals

 A crop top and a denim jacket add a classic and simple vibe to the look.

Abercrombie crop top, Abercrombie high-waisted striped shorts, Gap Strappy Sandals

On Me: Abercrombie Shorts & Top

Gap Sandals

Newport Beach

Express crop top, Nordstrom Sunnies, Gap Skirt, Chelsea Crew Sandals, Merona Bag

Our first day in Newport was so wonderful. What I love about SoCal the most is probably the weather. When it is a little overcast and a little foggy the overall temperature is still warm!

Express crop top, Nordstrom Sunnies, Gap Skirt, Chelsea Crew Sandals, Merona Bag

Being down there felt like a dream! The water was clear, the people were easy going, and time didn’t seem to matter as much.

Express crop top, Nordstrom Sunnies, Gap Skirt, Chelsea Crew Sandals, Merona Bag

Though we didn’t venture outside of our lovely state, every day still felt like an exploration. There’s something so exciting about crossing unfamiliar territory.

Express crop top, Nordstrom Sunnies, Gap Skirt, Chelsea Crew Sandals, Merona Bag

 “Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream.” – Donatella Versace 

Express crop top, Nordstrom Sunnies, Gap Skirt, Chelsea Crew Sandals, Merona Bag

On Me: Express crop top

Nordstrom Sunnies

Gap Skirt

Chelsea Crew Sandals

Merona Bag

Black & Brown

How to wear Black & Brown

I think it’s safe to say that every fashionista has heard about “The Black & Brown Rule”.

Black and white striped dress, black stripy heels, brown leather purse, brown sunglasses

Well, here’s the deal. The rule, like many other ridiculous fashion rules, can be thrown out the window if executed correctly.

How to wear black and brown

If you’re trying to wear black and brown together, it’s most likely because the specific shades of those colors do in fact look good together. In my case, I chose a light brown purse with a dark black heel. 

Black and white striped dress, brown leather purse, black stripy heels.

Another great tip to remember is subtlety. Adding white can help create a distraction to the “clashing” colors. The black in my outfit is less severe not only because of my black and white striped dress, but also because there is a dress lending space between the main black and brown pieces.

Black and Brown

Another great distraction is adding a completely different colored jacket to the look. I chose a jean jacket to keep the dress more casual.

Jean Jacket, Black and white striped dress, black strappy heels

If you have an active day and still want to wear this outfit, try these shoes.

How to wear black and brown together

“I want everyone to wear what they want and mix it in their own way. That, to me, is what is modern.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Pool Day

What to bring to the pool.

On a day when the beach is just too crowded, make it a pool day, and ditch the make-up. Instead, use an organic sunscreen to protect you from both the harmful UV rays and unhealthy chemicals. I love bringing a chap stick since my lips love to succumb to the heat too.

Perfect hat and cover up for a pool day.

Don’t forget your shades! Anthropologie has a wonderful selection. Remember, they aren’t just for style, but to help make reading Cosmo and the new Jeanette Walls novel a little bit easier.

Shoes and summer reading ideas.

Light toned sandals, a baggu bag, and cute fedora help my bright bathing suit stand out. It was hard for me to find the perfect suit this year, but if you’re ever in Santa Cruz, Beach St. Boutique has an array of options and colors for everyone.

Bags to bring to the pool.

You might want to find a loose and lovely cover up with many colors so you can wear it with any suit, or even on a night out. The last thing to remember—water, and try adding a delicious cucumber or lemon for a nutritional twist.

What to pack for a pool day.

Ahh… All ready to go!

Red, White, & Blue

Loose hair on a summer day.

Do you summer in The Hamptons—or a place of similar stature? Hey, me neither, but if you did it’s unlikely you’d be wandering barefoot much. Embrace your summering sophisticated self, and try on a pair of classic black heels for size. Fresh painted nails call for a little peep toe, and always remember: the thicker the heel, the bigger the deal…for this outfit anyway.

Blue and white dress for the summer.

Impressing Hampton’s finest calls for true and unoriginal patriotic colors. You didn’t spend all winter slaving away on the treadmill for nothing! It’s time to showcase that itty-bitty waist before you faint, and remember trying not to breathe too deeply helps too.

Bold, red lips with peep toe heels.

JK! Show those Hamptonites what girls who clean their plates and still dance the night away look like.

Audrey Hepburn style eyeliner with vintage pearl earrings.

Top the look off with eyeliner only Audrey would wear. The hosts won’t be able to tell if you’re rolling your eyes or just battling your lashes. An air of mystery is just how you like it.