Brands I Love

I’m constantly on the hunt for new brands and retailers on the market. In the past few months I’ve discovered some companies that have earned my stamp of approval and quickly become a few of my favorite places to shop. Today I thought I would talk about three of them—Everlane, & Other Stories, and Monday Swimwear.


As a young woman who just started her first full-time professional job, I’ve come to see Everlane is a great resource for finding high quality, basic pieces at a reasonable price. Their clothing is nice enough to wear at the office, but comfortable and balanced. I find them both trendy and classic. See for yourself:

everlane, professional clothes

everlane, professional clothes

everlane, professional clothes

everlane, professional clothes

& Other Stories:

If you love H&M’s fashionable pieces, but find yourself disappointed in the standard of their quality, look no further than & Other Stories. Coming from the same people who brought you H&M, & Other Stories is literally a couple of stories above them, unintended he he. This collection is more expensive than H&M pieces, but you’re paying for better made items. Though just as stylish, & Other Stories is not competing with other fast fashion retailers like H&M and Forever 21. Instead they are selling items that are built better and can last. Check them out:

& Other Stories, Fashionable Clothes

& Other Stories, Fashionable Clothes

& Other Stories, Fashionable Clothes

& Other Stories, Fashionable Clothes

Monday Swimwear:

I’ve talked about the subject of swimwear many times on the blog, usually with a heavy sigh, because it’s the one category of clothing that is difficult for me to find a good fit for my form. That’s not because I don’t see tons and tons of styles that I would love to wear, but instead it’s because the bathing suit industry rarely offers sizes and cuts for the common woman. Luckily Monday Swimwear is here to make the swimsuit buying process more fruitful for your everyday girl. They offer a range for women up to an E/F cup with an impeccable fit and standard. They refuse to include any piece that has not been tried on and fit the buyer’s body and needs. Their Clovelly top, in particular, is well known for being supportive and flattering. Keep scrolling:

Monday swimwear, bathing suits

Monday swimwear, bathing suits

Monday swimwear, bathing suits

Monday swimwear, bathing suits

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” –Bill Cunningham

Interview Style

As a recent graduate, I’ve had a lot of practice going on interviews. As usual, one of the most difficult aspects of preparation for me is picking out my outfit. Though this will never be an easy task, I have come up with a few solid guidelines that help make the process a little bit easier. Check them out:

  1. Always dress to project professionalism. Even if the company you are interviewing with prefers a more laid back look, they don’t want you to adapt your style until you’ve gotten the job. For an interview, you actually want to look even a little bit better than you would normally dress for the actual job you are trying to get.
  2. No matter the weather, keep your jacket on. The jacket is a symbol of respect and professionalism. If you are extremely hot, you may ask if they mind if you take it off once you have been seated and introduced.
  3. Wear something you feel great in too. Confidence is key. If your family and friends swear you should wear one thing, but you feel more like yourself in the other, choose the other.
  4. Break in your heels. Especially if you live in a big city. There have been a few times that I bought new shoes for an interview and have ended up in pain because I didn’t realize how far I would have to walk from the parking garage to the building, etc.
  5. Accessories matter. For an interview, jewelry takes a back seat to your outfit. This time, under-do it. Wear studs instead of dangles, limit yourself to two rings, and choose between a modest necklace or bracelet. You don’t want your jewelry to distract from who you are and what you’re saying.

Here are some pieces of interview attire that I love!

blouse, interview, ootd, outfit, professional, express


topshop, blouse, interview, professional,


Alice and Olivia, blouse, interview, professional

Alice & Olivia

vince camuto, interview, skirt, professional

Vince Camuto

Slacks, Trousers, interview, professional

W Concept

slacks, trousers, interview, professional

W Concept

Blazer, topshop, professional, interview


express, blazer, interview, professional


blazer, everlane, professional, interview


Cole Haan, heels, professional, interview

Cole Haan

heels, target, professional, interview

A New Day


clarks, interview, loafers, professional


Talbots, heels, professional, interview


etsy, jewelry, necklace, professional, interview


Jewelry, necklace, 7 for all mankind, interview, professional

7 For All Mankind

jewelry, bracelete, interview, professional

Need Supply Co.

Urban, jewelry, bracelet, interview, professional


ring, professional, interview, jewelry

W Concept

jewelry, ring, professional, interview

Jennifer Meyer

Loft, earrings, studs, jewelry, interview, professional