Family Candids like It’s 1998

huji, forever 21 cardigan, express blouse

Have you guys noticed the recent hipster trend on social media? You know…the one that makes all of your photos look like they were taken with a disposable camera from the ’90s?

huji, forever 21 cardigan, express blouse

At a recent family get-together, one of my sisters, who is WAY cooler than the rest of us by the way, enlightened me. She showed me the Huji Cam App, immediately made me download it, and a photoshoot quickly ensued.

huji, forever 21 cardigan, express blouse

I was skeptical. As an amateur style blogger who values REAL cameras (both film and digital), the idea of using an app that imitates disposable film didn’t sound appealing.

Nonetheless, when she showed me the “developed” pictures, I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong; you won’t find me posting all of my pseudo-fashion shoots from the Huji App, but there is something candid and heartwarming about the pictures from our gathering.

huji, forever 21 cardigan, express blouse

Maybe it has to do with the fact that the App looks and acts like old disposable cameras, meaning you have to take your shot looking through the tiny viewfinder, forced to press the shutter whether or NOT the subjects look absolutely perfect. Things are done with less focus and positioning, and as a result, turn out a little bit more authentic, in real time.

huji, forever 21 cardigan, express blouse

The convenience of having it all on your phone in an instant helps too. Usually I am impatiently waiting on Joel to develop our most recent batch of film, but in those cases, the quality is well worth the wait. My final opinion? The Huji App has a time and a place.

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