Silk Scarves

When I was in Paris this Summer, I was immensely inspired to upgrade my daily look. The Parisians know how to elevate their style effortlessly with a bold lip color or fun accessory. One element I noticed again and again was their creativity when it came to silk scarves. Paris is known for the classic silk scarf tied around the neck, but my visit proved they have broadened their signature look quite a bit. If you’re like me and constantly try to emulate a Parisian, check out a few simple ways adding a silk scarf to your wardrobe can do just that…


Silk Scarves, Paris


Silk Scarves, Paris

Hair Tie

Silk Scarves, Paris

Loose Classic

Silk Scarves, Paris


Silk Scarves, Paris


Silk Scarves, Paris


Silk Scarves, Paris


Silk Scarves, Paris

Belt Loop

Silk Scarves, Paris


Silk Scarves, Paris

“I wanted to be a certain kind of woman. I became that kind of woman.” —Diane Von Furstenberg


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