Easy Summer Buns for the Lazy Girl

Summer Hairstyle

Dealing with my hair in the summer is always difficult. During the rest of the year, I stick to my strict washing/blow drying schedule. But whenever I’m up at the lake, everything shifts. I’m in and out of the water constantly, and blow drying becomes less and less realistic. I’ve developed two go-to easy summer buns:

Summer Hairstyle

My first look is done with semi-wet hair. Out of the shower, I let my hair begin to air-dry while I put on make-up and get dressed. Then I use a round brush to blow dry just the front section of my hair. Styling the front pieces adds a little framework to the look and reduces the overall damage to the majority of your hair. After that, I part my hair and tie it up into a low twisted bun.

Summer Hairstyle

For my second look, I let my hair air-dry overnight naturally. Whenever I do this, I wake up the next day with a curly mess.

Summer Hairstyle

To tame my textured mane, I start by parting my hair farther left than I normally would. Then I create two messy French braids with the front sections of my hair. After that, I loosen up the braids even more, making them big and romantic. Finally, I pin up all of my hair (including the braids) into a low messy bun.

Summer Hairstyle

Both of these looks are incredibly romantic. And most importantly, they take less than two minutes to accomplish!

Summer Hairstyle

Though I prefer my hair blown out, these easy alternatives come in handy when you would rather spend your time enjoying the sunshine.

Lake, summer

One thought on “Easy Summer Buns for the Lazy Girl

  1. There are many interesting things one could say about you. All of them are GOOD! NONE include the word “lazy,” EVER 🙂

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