The Keyhole Dress

Tillys Keyhole Dress

A couple weekends ago I went to a beautiful wedding up in Sonoma. I had never been to Wine Country before and found myself stressing over what to wear….what else is new? I wanted something that would keep me cool in the heat, but also polished enough for a wedding. Enter The Keyhole Dress.

The day before the wedding I found myself shopping at a nearby mall, just in case I came across a dress better than the one I brought. And I did. At a Tilly’s. I was reluctant to try on the Keyhole style. I usually prefer a silhouette that accents my waist, and a neck line that isn’t too revealing. With pressure from my mom and sister, I tried it on and was pleasantly surprised. The neck line added a hint of elegance, and my waist didn’t completely disappear beneath the loose fabric. On such a hot day, I was thankful for the flowy design. I was reminded of why I love fashion so much–it pushes me to step out of my comfort zone.

Here are my favorite Keyhole Dresses from Tilly’s:

Tillys Keyhole Dress

Full Tilt Floral Medallion Dress

Tillys Keyhole Dress

Chloe & Katie Border Print Keyhole Dress

Tillys Keyhole Dress

Socialite Floral Keyhole Dress

Tillys Keyhole Dress

Full Tilt Keyhole Bodycon Midi Dress

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