The Belt

The belt is an accessory I forget about easily. I rarely need to wear it on my jeans, so I end up not wearing it at all. Today, however, it made all the difference.

Gap Dress, Nordstrom Sunnies, Lucky Brand Heels

I found this dress at the Gap and fell in love. The dropped waist made me feel like I was from the 1920s–an inspiring fashion era. But tonight I wasn’t in the vintage mood. Thus, the belt.

Gap Dress, Nordstrom Sunnies, Lucky Brand Heels, Urban Belt

I added this Urban belt and immediately felt complete. Some nights you want your waist defined and some nights you don’t. The belt makes it so either option is possible, and for that I’m grateful. If you think about it, you’re really getting two outfits for the price of one! Ah, fashion. Your wallet will love you for it.

Check out a few other belt dresses I’m digging right now:

ModCloth Dress


Nordstrom Dress


Forever 21 Dress

Forever 21

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