Blown Away

If you follow me on Instagram, @lookbookbygoodies, you might have noticed my post featuring my mom’s beautiful blowout:

Revlon Blowout

I wanted to describe what I used to achieve this look in a little bit more detail.

For starters, I used the Revlon Hot Air Dryer & Styler:

Revlon Hot Air Dryer & Styler

This tool has literally changed my life, and my mom’s. It is the perfect combo of blowdryer, brush, and curler. It works on ALL hair types. My mom’s hair is incredibly dry and frizzy, but this tool tames her hair seamlessly. AND it’s SO EASY. Trying to blowout your hair with a round brush in one hand and a heavy blowdryer in the other can seem overwhelming and difficult. With this tool, you can get salon quality results without stepping foot in the salon.

1. Apply product and heat protectant to cleansed hair after the shower.

2. Use the non-round brush connector to dry your hair, using only the tool and your fingers, until it feels slightly damp (this will speed up the styling process).

3. Section off your hair into layers. Pretend you are straightening or curling your hair, and work from underneath layers to top layers, using only a small lock of hair at a time.

4. With each strand you style, repeat the motion of curling and brushing out your hair around the round brush until the lock is completely dry. As long as you remember to stay in motion, your hair will be less prone to heat damage.

5. Depending on your hair’s thickness, you should be done within 15-30 minutes. Apply a finishing product to maintain the look.

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