Pretty Little Things


I recently cut my own hair (not the first time…)! And then I went to the most amazing salon to get it fixed…and here is the finished product! I had one of the best salon experiences at Cetana Salon down on the Embarcadero.

Cetana Salon1. The treatment: like a queen

2. The quality: incomparable

3. Learning experience: off the charts

Adrian was my hair stylist (I hope I spelled her name right!). She listened and really understood what I hated about my hair and what I wanted the outcome to be. She fixed my fringe, recommended an amazing new product, and taught me a new way to dry my hair (which I will do a separate post on). I finally feel like my hair will begin to grow out in a style that I’m happy with.



This is the product Adrian picked out for me! Over time, it will tame my hair in a way that makes it much more manageable–especially when natural. Oh, and did I mention they offer a complimentary bang trim between my next cut?!

Benefit Fake up

Aside from my hair dreams…this is another pretty little thing to add to the list! Benefit Fake Up isn’t just an under eye concealer, but also a much needed hydrator (especially during finals week). 😦

Sally Hansen

Navy Fleet by Sally Hansen is my latest nail color obsession. It goes with everything. I swear.

Harper Lee

This is number one on my summer reading list! Very excited.

Gap quilt bomber

And last but certainly not least, my new favorite quilted bomber by Gap. I simply cannot take it off…

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