Unfortunately, I have another couple years before I get to put on another cap and gown…but many of you may be getting ready for the big day! So here are a few of my tips and tricks I picked up from my high school graduation:

1. Blow your hair out like Emma Watson. Believe me, all the fuss of curling your hair isn’t worth it when you have to put your cap on.

Emma Watson, Graduation

2. Wear Sunscreen! Nuff Said.

Sun Protection

3. Bring a bag! It can be discreet, so make sure it is small and has crossbody straps. I cannot tell you how much this came in handy when I got thirsty or needed to freshen up my make-up during the long ceremony.

cross body bag

4. Sunglasses!!! You never know which direction you will be facing when the sun goes down.


Graduation Outfit

Graduation Tips

Urban and Steve Madden are great brands when shopping for an easy dress and wedges to match.

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