When It Rains…

Rainy Day Style Must Haves

Rainy days usually make me wish I could stay inside all day, and not have to face the unruly weather that messes with my look.

Cute Rain Coat

I used to avoid going outdoors in the rain, and I realized it was partly because I didn’t have the “right” rain gear. The perfect trench coat is a MUST HAVE. I prefer black, but camel tone is a versatile choice too.

Cute Rain Coat

Calvin Klein at Macy’s has a good variety of choices.

Cute rain boot

I have never been extremely attracted to the tall rain boot style, which I ignorantly thought was the only rain boot style…until now. Ankle high booties are my favorite length, and Tretorn Plask Mid has just that! Not to mention the irresistible wedge aspect and combined practicality, there is no  reason to hold back.

Defrizz product

Lastly, but arguably the most important item to have readily available for the rainy season, Bb Defrizz. If you have hair like mine, uncontrollable and frizzy when humidity and moisture hit, it’s time to invest in a good product.  Bumble and bumble is a reliable choice– it not only tames your hair, but leaves it shiny and soft too.

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. ~Alfred Wainwright

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