Wish List

Two Piece Reformation

I need to invest in a versatile two piece, and Reformation has the best variety!

Levis LVC

A pair of selvedge jeans for women– LVC and made in the USA!

Levis Purse

To match the jeans, a brown leather purse from Levi’s.


I have a feeling that patterned pants will be in for fall, and Anthropolgie has the best girly/comfy patterns to choose from.

ModCloth flats

I am so used to wearing black flats, but it’s finally time to step out of my comfort zone. ModCloth’s flats are so irresistible– I think I’ll start there…


Fall calls for a change in make-up. It’s not quite as dry as winter will be, but the change in seasons is still quite noticeable. That means adding a little more color to my eyes, and Naked2Basics by Urban Decay is the perfect choice.

Diary Of A Mad Diva by Joan Rivers

The recent death of this fashion icon has given me the opportunity to learn more about how she paved the way for so many women. I can’t wait to start reading!

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