Just Around The Corner

Sunnies, OBEY T-Shirt, Circle Scarf, Red Lips

 Fall is just around the corner, so let’s talk scarves…

Sunnies, OBEY T-Shirt, Circle Scarf, Red Lips

Technically, it is still summer, but the weather in San Francisco is hard to pinpoint to just one season.

Cathy Jean Booties

Believe it or not, but infinity scarves are my favorite! Despite being warm, they make any average outfit much more stylish. I love to wear them with a T-Shirt, jeans, and booties. Hair up or down– it doesn’t matter!

Sunnies, OBEY T-Shirt, Infinity Scarf, Red Lips

Fall can carry a bad reputation. I get it!  Who isn’t bummed about summer being over? But as a fashionista, thinking about all of the clothing opportunities in the changing season can make going back to school a little bit easier.

P.S. If you like my photos, check out my talented photographer’s website: http://stillscaptured.tumblr.com

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