Red, White, & Blue

Loose hair on a summer day.

Do you summer in The Hamptons—or a place of similar stature? Hey, me neither, but if you did it’s unlikely you’d be wandering barefoot much. Embrace your summering sophisticated self, and try on a pair of classic black heels for size. Fresh painted nails call for a little peep toe, and always remember: the thicker the heel, the bigger the deal…for this outfit anyway.

Blue and white dress for the summer.

Impressing Hampton’s finest calls for true and unoriginal patriotic colors. You didn’t spend all winter slaving away on the treadmill for nothing! It’s time to showcase that itty-bitty waist before you faint, and remember trying not to breathe too deeply helps too.

Bold, red lips with peep toe heels.

JK! Show those Hamptonites what girls who clean their plates and still dance the night away look like.

Audrey Hepburn style eyeliner with vintage pearl earrings.

Top the look off with eyeliner only Audrey would wear. The hosts won’t be able to tell if you’re rolling your eyes or just battling your lashes. An air of mystery is just how you like it.

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